Identification Cards and Security

ID Cards

Everyone registered with ISNS is issued an ID card.  This includes all students, parents and staff members.

The ID card will act as the main identification document while in school and when entering or exiting school grounds.

Visitors to the school are issued temporary ID cards.

Each student and parent is responsible for the safekeeping of their ID card.  Cost of replacement for a lost or stolen card is 100 CNY.  A replacement card and payment for it can be handled by the IT Department.

ISNS Security

Students must display their ID Cards to enter the school through the gate.  Guards will enforce this policy.

All students entering the school by bus must have an ID card.  This policy will be enforced by the Bus Nannies.

Parents must show proper identification such as an ISNS Parent ID Card when entering the school.  If entering the school at a time other than the normal drop off or pick-up times, the school should be notified of the parent's intended arrival so that the proper preparations can be made.  Please do not assume that the guards will recognize parents since new or replacement guards may be on duty.

All visitors require proper photo identification for admittance to the school.  Visitors will be required to sign in with the guards and exchange their ID card for a visitor’s badge.

Students will not be released into the care of unauthorized adults when leaving school.

Parents on Campus

Parents must make an appointment with a specific teacher, administrator or staff member if they are on campus during the school day (from 8:30am to 3:20pm), unless attending a special event to which they have been invited by the school.  Teachers are always happy to involve parents in the classroom in a planned and coordinated manner.  Parents popping into classrooms unexpectedly is not helpful.  Parents should not disrupt their child's classroom while students are learning nor disturb children during lunch or playtimes.  Please contact the appropriate school Principal or Head of School if you would like access to any part of the school for a specific reason.

Parents coming to pick up children are permitted to enter the campus at 3:20pm (2:20pm on Wednesdays).

At no time should parents be taking photos or video of students who are not their own children.  Parents may not post pictures of students online or through social media who are not their own children.