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Current Head of the Assemblies Committee

Head of Assemblies – Lina Song

Head of Merch – Ryan Zheng

Head of Events – Selina Gu

Heads of Sports – Angel Zhang, Jenny Han and Leo Zheng

Heads of Prom – Polina Lemeshko

Head of PR – Aleksandr Vaskin

Treasurer – Joshua Chen

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“I joined SRC because a lot of my friends had joined and I wanted to spend more time with them. I also wanted to get more involved with the school. Being a part of the SRC has improved my confidence because I am given more opportunities to practice my public speaking, engage with people from different communities within ISNS as well as outside of ISNS. It is an overall experience where I can broaden my horizons.”

Two faculty chairs for the Events committee

“When it comes to events, students are having to move through stringent processes and procedures; those of which are a normal part of a professional environment. For example, our Event and Finance committees price and source items for events, fill-out order forms and work with our ISNS Finance department to approve.”

Head of Sports

“I joined the SRC as I was initially a sports player… I wanted to contribute whatever I could to the community. I wanted to draw more attention to athletics who have not yet tried our sporting program. I closely work with teachers, including the Head of Athletics, and volunteers to initiate strategies to achieve this goal.”