ISNS Parent Association (PA)

Parents at ISNS are very active in the school community.  Every ISNS parent is a member of the Parent Association.  Throughout the year, PA volunteers will organize and carry out various activities, events and fundraisers. Whether parents can help a little or a lot, their efforts and talents are always welcome and appreciated.

Our Parent Association has the following goals:

  • To enhance the potential for ISNS students to grow and become well-rounded individuals.

  • To provide a channel of communication from the school to parents and from parents to the school.  

  • To provide fun, social and educational activities for ISNS students to participate in beyond the regular academic programs.

  • To build and maintain a positive and healthy relationship between parents and ISNS teachers and administrators.

  • To support new families as they enter ISNS. 

Activities and events typically sponsored and organized by the ISNS Parent Association:

  • Halloween Decorating

  • Christmas Decorating

  • Chinese Culture Week Decorating, Food and Activities

  • International Fair

  • Support for Music and Arts Events

  • Children's Day Gifts

  • Graduation Ceremonies

  • Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

The Parent Association raises funds by selling ISNS PA merchandise at various times throughout the year.

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