University Advising

University Advising

The University and Careers Counsellors facilitate learning about career and university options for both students and families. From assessing personality traits and career interests, compiling transcripts and letters of recommendation, aiding in completing and submitting applications to universities, to helping students apply for residence and learn how to navigate course selections, the Counsellors play an important role in helping students and families make choices about their future.

During high school (G9-12), students are asked to consult with their Counsellor to determine an individualized path through the New Brunswick High School and/or IB Diploma Programme and into their best-fit university. The Counsellors’ goal is for each student to gain acceptance to a school that matches their interest and personality. Admissions worldwide can be a complicated, demanding, and time-consuming process. The ISNS university counsellors provide every available resource to educate families on how to productively and ethically complete the admission process. 

ISNS uses UniFrog software as a way for stakeholders to gather information for university applications. Students can search for universities, apply and the counsellor can upload their official documents to support their university applications. Any outside testing scores can be stored on the student’s UniFrog individual research file.

The counsellor encourages students to assess their ambitions and pursue their dreams. ISNS families are encouraged to allow their children to pursue their interests. The MYP and DP programs are rigorous academic programs that are attractive to admissions offices at any university/college worldwide, and a student that prepares well will have their choice of desirable places to study beyond ISNS. 

University acceptances and DP results from previous classes highlight the strength of the ISNS approach.

What to expect from your Career/University Counsellor:

  • Tailored lessons from Grade 6 to Grade 12 helping students identify their interests, strengths, goals, and potential career paths.

  • Guidance on course selection from Grade 10 onward in preparation for selecting subjects in the IB Diploma Programme

  • Comprehensive counselling that supports students throughout the university selection and application process

  • Presentations to high school students and parents detailing all aspects of the university application process

  • Individual meetings with students and parents from Grade 11 on to remain on the same page about each student’s journey towards independent living.

  • Consultations about differing academic systems, the selection of schools, university courses and/or majors in countries worldwide

  • Supplying resources such as university brochures, catalogs, guides, to help students increase their university awareness

  • Advice on standardized testing, including the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Test), the ACT (American College Test), the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

  • Targeting schools that are a good fit depending on the student’s interests, academic strengths, athletic and/or artistic skills, and other factors relevant to the student.

  • Assistance and guidance in preparation of applications including personal statements, essays, mock interviews, and contact with university representatives.

  • Counsellor letters of recommendation that strongly support student’s candidature to appropriate universities.

  • Requesting Teacher References.

  • Workshops on conducting university research and selection as well as preparing applications, essays, interviews, extracurricular and summer activities.

  • Guidance on financial aid

  • Maintaining relationships with universities and introducing ISNS to universities from all over the world

  • Organization of college visits from university representatives worldwide.

ISNS maintains supportive and structured codes of behavior for the college admission process. Our policy allows for an appropriate number of schools and helps ensure that students are submitting accurate and authentic information for their applications.

University Counsellors: Lisa Hackett and Eleanor Rao