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Chinese Cultural Week

Mandarin ClubsMandarin ClubsMandarin Clubs
Mandarin ClubsMandarin ClubsMandarin Clubs

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Mandarin Clubs

Chinese Magazine-Tai Hua | G7-12

Students learn to edit, design and publish their own work. The magazine is open to submissions from throughout all MYP / DP students and encourages students to practice writing.

*Same group of students as last year

Wednesday 11:30-11:55AM

Instructors: Iris Sha, Gia Chen, Liona Li

Click the link below to view Tai Hua magazine.

IB EARLY YEARS (PYP) ISNS Tai Hua Magazine issue 01

IB EARLY YEARS (PYP) ISNS Tai Hua Magazine issue 02

IB EARLY YEARS (PYP) ISNS Tai Hua Magazine issue 03

Chinese Culture & Games Club | G1-2

The Chinese Cultural & Games Club is dedicated in promoting the Chinese culture through various social and entertainment activities that allow students to explore and comprehend the beauty of the culture, the history of China.

Monday 11:30AM-12:10PM

Instructors: Hulda Zhang, Yannis Zhao, Hebe Wang

Mandarin Clubs

Mandarin Clubs

Chinese Poetry Recital | G3-5

Welcome the students who love or would like to feel the beauty of Chinese poetries. Students will have the chance to appreciate Chinese poetries and read aloud with music.

Monday 11:30AM-12:10PM

Instructors: Danielle Jin, Sarah Sun

Calligraphy Club | G8-12

Students will learn the basic strokes of Lishu and create their own art piece(s) as well as practice meditation.

Monday 3:30-4:30PM

Instructors: Hea Jung Choi, Sharon Zhang

Mandarin Clubs