Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Shenzhen was recently awarded the status of a forest city, and rightfully so. The city boasts over 900 parks, and over 2,000 kilometers of greenways. There are plenty of hiking, biking, and running paths along the water, and in the local parks. Tanglang mountain, located only a few minutes’ walk from the school, offers stunning view of Shenzhen and the distant hills of Hong Kong’s northern territories. Whether you’re a serious hikers or just someone who enjoys a quiet picnic in the park, Shenzhen has plenty to offer.

Some popular natural areas in and around Shenzhen:

Tanglang Shan Country Park – Contains several peaks of more than 400 meters which are connected by approximately 40 kilometers of trails.

Wutong Shan – The tallest peak in Shenzhen at more than 900 meters. Wrong Shan is located to the east of downtown. The views are stunning on a clear day.

Yangtai Shan – Located about 10km north of the school, this peak is more than 600 meters and has numerous trails.

Fenhuang Shan – A small peak with a beautiful park located near the Shenzhen airport.

Yuan Shan – Located to the northeast of Shenzhen, the starting point has a beautiful temple and many old pagodas. The trails offer beautiful natural views.

Numerous other peaks and coastal hikes are within about an hour’s drive to the east of Shenzhen.

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