Personal Project

The Personal Project at ISNS

What is the Personal Project?

The Personal Project is a culminating Middle Years Programme (MYP) project that aims to showcase a student’s personal interest and their understanding of the MYP’s Approaches to Learning skills. Students must closely connect the goal of their project to at least one Global Context of the MYP that results in a product or outcome. At the end of each year, ISNS celebrates our student’s year-long undertaking of the project by hosting an exhibition to showcase their finished products.

Timeline and Key Items for the Personal Project at ISNS

You can download the document below to give you a detailed run down of the timeline and explaination of key markers along that timeline. Students receive support from each other as well as from their teachers and supervisors.

Personal Project at ISNS- Timeline & Key Items

IB PYP Personal_Projects_at_ISNS.pdf

Visualizing the Project Objectives:

Similar to the design cycle, students will take an interactive approach to inquiry by moving through the four project objectives: investigating, planning, taking action, and reflecting. 

The Personal Project at ISNS

The aim of the MYP Personal Project is to encourage and enable students to:

  • participate in a sustained, self-directed inquiry within a global context

  • generate creative new insights and develop deeper understandings through in-depth investigation

  • demonstrate skills, attitudes and knowledge required to complete a project over an extended period of time

  • communicate effectively in a variety of situations

  • demonstrate responsible action through, or as a result of, learning 

  • appreciate the process of learning and take pride in your accomplishments

(International Baccalaureate: Middle Years Programme Projects Guide, 2016)

The Process Journal

Students are required to document the process in their “Process Journal” on ManageBac. The Process Journal is 

  • an online platform for students to record their progress throughout the project (accomplishments, challenges, struggles, etc.), and their ideas/thoughts

  • a place to record research, resources, interviews, and sources

  • somewhere students can reflect on their learning and evaluate their work

The Report

The MYP Personal Project report is assessed on four criteria (the exact same outlined in the project objectives cycle): investigating, planning, taking action, reflecting. The report demonstrates a student’s engagement with their project by summarizing their experience. 

The Exhibition

The exhibition is an opportunity for students to showcase their project to family, friends, and the greater school community. 

Student Support

Throughout their Personal Project journey, students are given ample support. Every student is assign their own supervisor and will meet with them at least 8 times throughout the school year. The role of the supervisor is to provide guidance to the student in the process and completion of the project. Aside from that, every second week, during MYP Hour, students meet with the Personal Project Coordinator to learn about the different phases of the project. Finally, students are able to contact our ISNS Librarian, and other experts if they so choose to help with their investigation and research. 

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