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What is the Community Project?

The Community Project is a project completed by all Grade 9 students at ISNS. It's a chance for students to use the skills and knowledge they have acquired throughout their time in the MYP.  In groups, students collaborate to address a need within a community, and as a result embrace an opportunity to  impact their local, national, or global community. At the end of the project, students complete a final presentation demonstrating how they went through the service cycle. This is then assessed and put on their report card. 

Using the Service Cycle:

Similar to the Design cycle, students will move through the Service cycle to complete their Community Project. Each stage is equally important to the project itself and to the students’ development as global citizens and active community leaders.

The Community Project at ISNS

The Process Journal

  • an online platform for students to record their progress throughout the project (accomplishments, challenges, struggles, etc.), and their ideas/thoughts

  • a place to record research, resources, interviews, and sources

  • somewhere students can reflect on their learning and evaluate their work

  • a place for students to communicate with their group members, and supervisors

Student Support

Throughout their Community Project journey, students are given ample support. Every second week, during MYP Hour, students spend time with the Community Project Coordinator to learn about the next phase of the project, new tasks they need to complete, and are given time to work on the project itself. Aside from that, a timeline is made and groups meet every few weeks with their supervisors to discuss progress, receive feedback, and ensure they’re on the right track. Finally, students are able to contact our ISNS Librarian, and other experts if they so choose to help with their investigation and research.  

The Presentation

This is assessed based off four criteria (the exact same four stages of the service cycle): Investigating, Planning, Taking Action, Reflecting. 

Please Click here to watch the 2022 Community Project Presentations

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