Shenzhen offers a variety of shopping experiences from traditional Chinese crafts to top designer brands. For an interesting adventure where you can get affordable “luxuries” and Chinese souvenirs head to Luohu Commercial City. Known designer brands, both Chinese and Western, are typically found in large shopping centers and malls. Several shopping areas are close to ISNS, just a few subway stops away from the school.

Shenzhen Malls and Shopping Areas:

  • Shirbles (in the neighborhood)

  • Holiday Plaza (up scale)

  • Coastal City

  • Coco Park

  • MixC

  • The Mixx

  • Sea World

  • Chegongmiao (underground shopping street) and Donghai Plaza Mall

  • Hai Ya Mega Mall (lots of western brand stores)

  • Bao Neng Mall (just through the tunnel on the other side of the mountain)

  • OCT Shopping Plaza (includes Walmart)

  • European Town (includes IKEA)

  • Garden City (includes Walmart)

  • SPC Plaza (includes Sams Club)

  • Luohu

  • Dongmen (“East Gate” – the oldest shopping area in Shenzhen with walking streets and new malls)