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ISNS is an IB Continuum school whose sole goal is to provide top-quality K-12 international education to its students. Being an IB Continuum school gives us the distinct advantage of being able to effectively plan our students' futures as they move through the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and finally, the Diploma Programme (DP). We believe that the most constructive way to do this is to start with the end in mind. At ISNS, the end of secondary school is embodied by the DP, a two-year programme that prepares our graduates for university and helps them develop lifelong skills they will apply to their future careers. 

We encourage parents to download this 'Intro to the DP' presentation to learn more about the benefits of the DP for your child(ren). The Diploma Programme is one of the most researched secondary curricula in the world and we invite you to learn more about the many research-based advantages it gives our students. This presentation will give you insight into this dynamic programme, research supporting its benefits, and the options that are available to Grade 11 & 12 students. 

Introduction to the Diploma Program

IB PYP Intro_to_Diploma_Program.pdf


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