Transition trainings

Transition Between Grade levels or divisions (Lower PYP, Upper PYP, MYP or DP) 

At ISNS, divisions work collaboratively to ensure that student needs are communicated and planned for in a way that facilitates a successful transition to the next division. 

Steps to Transition 

  • The designated SST member compiles detailed information about students receiving support, including CAPs, ILPs, evaluations/reports, strategies, and other relevant data. 

  • If moving to a new grade level, the SST member notifies the new classroom teacher about the case and the new teacher sets up a meeting to review the case with parents, a designated SST member, and administration if needed. If moving to the MYP/DP program, the SST member notifies the relevant MYP/DP SST member and Coordinator about the cases and provides them the necessary documents. 

  • The Student Support team meets with the relevant teachers and administrator to share information about students at the beginning of the school year.