How to register for an International Primary School in Shenzhen

How to register for an International Primary School in Shenzhen? Before beginning the registration process, parents should acquire a comprehensive understanding of the international primary schools they are interested in. This includes familiarizing themselves with the school's philosophy, curriculum, teachers, and teaching facilities. Parents can obtain relevant information through the official school website and the official WeChat Mini Program. These resources provide valuable insights into the distinctive characteristics and advantages of the school, thereby assisting parents in making informed choices.' 

How to register for an International Primary School in Shenzhen

Schedule a School Tour 

Parents who have identified their target school should promptly schedule a visit. The school typically organizes dedicated campus visits, allowing parents to immerse themselves in the school's atmosphere and educational environment by participating in these activities. During the visit, parents can engage in conversations with the school staff and ask questions to gain deeper insights into the school and determine its suitability for their child. 

Gather the Necessary Documents & Information 

Prior to official registration, parents are required to gather a set of application materials. The admission brochure provides detailed application process with a checklist. It is essential for parents to meticulously organize these materials in accordance with the school's specified format, ensuring their accuracy and completeness. All international primary schools provide an online application system through which parents can submit their applications. While filling out the application form, parents must provide basic information about themselves and their children. It is crucial to carefully review and verify the information provided on the application form for accuracy. 

Admissions Assessment and Interview 

International primary schools in Shenzhen require applicants and their parents to do admissions assessment or screening. The purpose of the process to assess if the applicant met the academic requirements and to further understand the applicant's interests and personality and communicate with parents to understand their educational philosophy and expectations. Parents and children should prepare the materials required for the interview in advance and think and answer the common interview questions to show their strengths and ability to adapt to the international school. 

Awaiting  Notification 

After completing the admission process, parents need to wait patiently for the admission notice from the school. The school will make a comprehensive evaluation based on the applicant's situation and decide whether to accept or not. After receiving the notice, parents need to confirm and complete the follow-up enrollment procedures according to the requirements of the school. After receiving the admission notice, parents are required to complete the admission procedures according to the requirements of the school. 

We sincerely hope that the provided information on the registration process for Shenzhen’s international primary schools can be of great assistance to prospective students seeking enrollment and embarking on their international learning journey. As the new academic term approaches, parents are encouraged to actively engage in school-organized events, such as new student parent meetings, which facilitate a seamless integration into the school community. By maintaining open and constant communication with the school, parents can effectively monitor and support their child's academic progress and personal development, collectively working towards establishing a solid foundation for their bright future.