Grade 12 Requirements for New Brunswick Canada

 Grade 12 Requirements for New Brunswick Canada

ISNS is proud to offer our students with the opportunity to graduate with TWO diplomas. ISNS is accredited by the province of New Brunswick and all graduates will earn a New Brunswick (NB) Diploma upon successfully completing the requirements listed below. 

ISNS students get the benefit of earning two diplomas because we require all students to attempt IB Diploma Programme courses in Grade 11 and 12. Both the NB and IB DP curricula complement each other and the province of New Brunswick Educational Board sees DP courses as equivalents. Therefore, students that complete the full IB DP requirements, also complete the NB graduation requirements. However, the full DP is not a requirement for the NB high school diploma, and students that choose to follow the IB DP course certificate stream will also earn the NB high school diploma. 

In the 20-credit system, students must:

  • meet the requirements of the prescribed common curriculum of the 9/10 program as outlined in the Grades 9/10 Companion Document (completing Information Technology outcomes satisfies the Computer Literacy requirement);

  • attain 17 of 20 credits (including compulsory credits) as outlined in the High School Program of Study;

  • accumulate a minimum of 5 credits at the grade 12 level; and

  • acquire a literacy credential by achieving a successful rating on the reading and writing components of the English Language Proficiency Assessment in grade 9. A reassessment in grades 11 and 12 is available to students who have not achieved a successful rating on the reading and/or writing components. 

    For more information, please refer to the 2010 English Language Proficiency Assessment/Reassessment Final Policy Document”.

    There are 7 compulsory credits:

    • English grade 11 (2 credits) *

    • English grade 12 (1 credit) *

    • Financial and Workplace Mathematics 110 or Foundations of Mathematics 110 (1 credit)

    • Modern History grade 11 (1 credit)

    • Science (1 credit) from Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Introduction to Environmental Science 120, Robotics and Automated Technology 120, Automotive Electrical Systems 120, Micro Electronics 120, Introduction to Electronics 110, Physical Geography 110, Human Physiology 110

    • Fine Arts/Life Role Development (1 credit) from Visual Arts 110, 120, Music 111/112, 113, 120, 122, Fine Arts 110, Theatre Arts 120, Graphic Art and Design 110, Individual and Family Dynamics 120, Co-op Ed 120, Career Explorations 110, Outdoor Pursuits 110 (regular course or Challenge for Credit with successful completion of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award - Young Canadians Challenge (Silver or Gold level), Physical Education Leadership 120, Wellness Through Physical Education 110, Entrepreneurship 110, Reading Tutor 120, Nutrition for Healthy Living 120

      (effective as of January 2019)