Home Learning

We believe that authentic, engaging homework deepens the understanding of what students have learned in school and enhances essential skills that have been acquired in the classroom. Taking the form of practice or inquiry, it promotes critical and creative thinking in students.  At ISNS, the amount and type of homework is differentiated to meet the learning needs and interests of individual students.  Homework can give the student ownership of his or her learning as he or she works independently.  By being personally relevant, homework can instill a sense of confidence and independence.

Assignments for home learning are an important part of education, and students are expected to complete these tasks to further their understanding of topics and concepts covered in class.  If homework or an assignment is incomplete or not completed to the satisfaction of the teacher, the teacher may ask the student to complete it during a playtime or recess.  MYP and DP students will report to detention hall to complete assignments.  The teacher may ask the student to re-do assignments that are not completed as assigned or up to standard until the student demonstrates proficiency.

If a student habitually misses or hands in incomplete assignments, a meeting between the parents and relevant teachers will be held.  If there are no improvements in the student's academic habits, he or she will be referred to the appropriate administrator.  This could lead to academic or behavior contracts between the student, parents and school, which, if broken, could result in retention, suspension or expulsion.                                                                                                                         

See the Student Code of Conduct for additional information.